I wrote a short blurb for Beatroute on this event but it did not make it in. I like the concept of this project so much that I want to share it with the rest of you. I hope to see others attending this event! I think it will be fantastic! Thanks to Joshua for getting back to me prompto by email back in February. Cheers!

On March 20, EMMEDIA is hosting The Vernal Equinox Observation by artist in residence Joshua Fraser. 

This neo-paganist interactive event invites guests to celebrate the forthcoming spring and will provide that sense of renewal and rebirth. 

Guests will be surrounded by an immersive space alongside “icons of spring” where musical meditations about the season will be held. These meditations will be guided by Beggars (Ian Maclean and Patrick Seager) and Citadel (Joshua Fraser). 

In an email, Fraser shares: “The event will incorporate elements of traditional European paganism – food to share, flowers, candlelight – and the additional practices that we have decided to honour the season by.” 

There will be a preliminary meditation which will segue into two musical tributes accompanied by video. 

“The intention of the preliminary meditation is to invite the audience

into the spirit of the celebration: to introduce the installed

environment and to guide a more personal, introspective meditation

through the surround-sound score,” he said.

Fraser is a multidisciplinary artist that strives to create situations which create empathetic responses in a sort of trance-like emotional state. 

He hopes people will leave the ceremony feeling energize after leaving demons of 2012 behind. 

“We will be celebrating and championing the lessons we’ve learned, and by doing so I hope that viewers will feel compelled to do the same.”

The event admission is by donation and starts at  7 pm and will run until late. 

– Claire Miglionico

Joshua Fraser is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Calgary. Fraser utilizes a broad array of methods towards his overarching goal: the facilitation of saturated emotional transference. This focus has emerged from an ever-increasing relationship with metaphysical and neo-pagan ideals and practices. Fraser’s work comes together as a determined pursuit striving to unite, reassure, and encourage viewers by championing the resilience of the human spirit. – 


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