Brought these two lovely friends to Wreck. Here they are, posing….I love their faces, I love that house, I love how they almost blend with that house.

Child-like smiles and faces, ready to take on the world of temporary-dom, braving through dark corners and sharp edges and sliding through that steep slide, of course.

I remember thinking the entrance to the slide was on the outside of the house. Yes, indeed, the illusion fooled me quite well, silly gullable girl that I am.

My favourite spot was sitting in the elevated green house…I spotted a camera inside the house, directly positioned to capture the action across, in that greenhouse. Slightly creepy? Yes. But I love the idea…the study of human interaction, human reaction to things, dirt, the view, the people, the installations….

I’m someone whose not really good with change. I’d like to think that I am, but I think I’m actually quite terrible. When I don’t have grasp of a situation, I tend to hold on for too long. I had that sweet bitterness in the pit of my stomach, thinking, wow, all these houses will be gone very very soon…how sad. There’s so much history on this Wreck City block. But then, it’s all about that change in perspective: it’s time for a new beginning…Wreck City made sure the new beginning started with a bang and provided closure to what used to be, now only a cherished memory.

Let it go, Letting go, gone…












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