Last week I spent an afternoon in Banff. The rockies are so beautiful and that’s something I had forgotten. They are easy to get to with just an hour drive away. They are calming, inspirational and spiritual. They brought me peace of mind and made me realize how lucky I was to experience them and have them so close to home. We, as a society, complain too much and never seem to appreciate what we have right in front of us. We’d all love to live somewhere warmer, nicer and sweeter.  But is the grass  really that much greener  elsewhere or it is  just an illusion we create in our heads to make up for the the discontentment we constantly focus ourselves on instead of focusing on the good things we have? Really, if we learned to enjoy every single little things in the present moment, we would be content just with how things are, whether it’s a boring night at work, a “stressful” day at home  or an awesome day at the beach. Whether we are single and lonesome or whether we are  married with four children. Whether we are having a super awesome day or a super challenging day. There are what we call “blessings in disguise” in ALL of these chapters in our lives and once we start to chill out and enjoy ourselves, nothing will be as stressful ever again; things will just start to flow.

And for now, just enjoy reading this, meditate on it if you need to, and be happy.



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