These airport observations by James Wysong made me laugh so hard because it made me think of last night when I couldn’t find this guy’s booking. We “appear” to be typing a novel because we’re literally looking at every possible flight to see where exactly you are booked under all while keeping track of cut-off times for your flight. We’re actually trying to help although I know sometimes it doesn’t look like we care but we do. My “favourite” thing is when people walk up to me, start spelling their last names to me without telling me where the heck they’re going as if I knew everything.

uniforms air canada

1. The Lady of the Keyboard. This is the ticket agent who appears to be typing a novel — and faster than any typist you have ever seen. After a while, she starts talking to her screen as if she has an ongoing relationship with it (that’s me right there, constantly talking to my screen). Just when you think the system has lost your booking (sometimes, it’s true, we can’t find you, mostly because most people do not even know their flight information!), the computer spits out baggage tags, boarding cards and itineraries, but before you can say thank you, the gate agent is on to the next customer.

Find the entire story here!


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