Today I checked in my grade 6 best friend’s mom. She didn’t recognize me, probably too distraught by the fact that she had just missed her flight. Good thing she checked in online. I told her to run to her gate with her bag small enough to be carry-on.

She had this sad look on her face,  something I had never seen before. As a child, I remember her as my friend’s cheerful mom. She was always accommodating and would always make us dinner when I would come over after school. Not once had I seen a face as sad as the face I saw today.

Seeing her brought me back to those days and made me realize how things can change so easily, how things never really stay the same forever…

I haven’t been in touch with this friend in ages. In fact, we are no longer friends. We grew apart. We were really close…but that too has changed.

I had heard from a mutual friend that her parents had split up. This must have happened in high school around the time we grew apart.

It saddened me in fact because I knew the story, I knew that house I grew up in alongside my friend was no longer Home Sweet Home. They sold that house and went their own way….I don’t even know where my friend is to this day.

I pointed my old friend’s mom to the right direction as I held back a few tears…

Time flies…don’t waste it.


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