You know what I can’t stand? Laziness and selfishness. These two together kill me. If there’s confusion in that head of yours and you don’t really know what you’re doing or where you’re heading,  at least get up and dance. 

One thought on “L and S

  1. Yes! I agree, entirely. Too many people walk through life not seizing the opportunity to love themselves and fully misinterpreting self-love as arrogance and selfish behaviors. They could not be any more off-task. It is imperative to view life through a Creator’s Perspective (my first blog post kind of touched base on this, and I live for it!). It is frustrating to watch time and people be wasted by “L and S” and blaming others instead of saying “I can do this”, “I need help”, I AM going to be productive.”

    Once we all wake up and crave the day because we have so much positivity and important work to do, life becomes a playground and our effervescence will touch all of those around us.

    I always like to say that life is far too short to be an asshole to the people that you love. :)


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