So I agree that a person is entirely in control of their own happiness. But wouldn’t you agree that sometimes, despite doing all you can in your power to stay happy, there’s still that little voice inside your head that’s telling you, “OK, being happy is one thing but faking it is another”.
I thought that once you went up, you could never go back down ever again, and yet you can, and it`s a scary scary thing because it feels like everything you’ve been working towards has disappeared instantly…that frame of mind isn’t there anymore and worry and negativity starts kicking in.

Wanting to make it go away is I think worst than embracing it and being OK with whatever state you’re in. It almost becomes necessary to detach oneself to our thoughts and simply observe what is going on and let it go and move forward.

Easier said than done but always something to keep in mind.

Things can never always stay constant and that`s something we need to remind ourselves of everyday or else we’ll drown ourselves in our own imagined perfection of how our lives should be.


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