It is 3 AM and I am fully awake. Next to me is my 16-year-old cat who has found comfort on the duvet.

When I`m awake like this, the only thing that can put me to sleep is writing what’s on my mind.

What`s on my mind:

-love vs lust
-going back to school for art history, for writing, for something!
-being an old soul
-older men vs younger men, does it matter anyway….
-my thoughts on society and how I feel my ideals differ significantly from others
-taking a leap in romance…. or going all the way through with my plans of realizing my true purpose in life, which I don’t necessarily think revolves around having kids and getting married or settling down and having a serious relationship. It is a hard one to swallow but I am a dreamer. The difference here is my dream does not revolve around an engagement ring.
-School of Enlightenment meet-up….sounds so intense but I am drawn to it, maybe I should go!
-yoga – OK, I have missed you
-writing, I have missed you like crazy. I don`t know why I stop.
-21-Day Meditation Challenge with Deepak – what a blessing! It`s given me a sense of clarity!
-Do I believe in love? Am I deserving of love? Am I scared of love?
-Grandpa, I miss you. It still hurts to look at photos of you. You were such a blessing in my life. I am glad I got to know you
-I miss going to class….I love learning.
-Hey, good lookin’
-Damn, I can’t wait for cruising in the Caribbean’s!
– I miss sex
-Iceland, it’s happening June 2015!
-I want to get published in Elle Canada. Time to pitch
-get knittin, get stylin’
-hey winter, we gonna have fun!!
– I actually want to get good at Swing Dancing. Right now, I have two left feet!
-Live life! Present moment, always!
-Taking chances!!! Playing it safe all the time gets boring after a while!
-books. I love reading….so much to read
-so much to do!
– soulmates, ah the topic of soulmates. Do they exist? I think there is more than one soulmate for us out there. But for me, it has to be someone who makes me shiver when they speak, someone who inspires me on all levels , someone who makes me believe in another reality, in my own reality. Someone who makes life fun and adventurous….
– I want to touch people with my writing…open my mind but open others` too, make people question their reality, have people chase after their dreams, have me chase after my dreams, interview people who inspire me and who can inspire others like me. This may well be my calling….
To be continued?….


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