It’s October 27 and it’s a Supermoon in Taurus. 


Last night I did not sleep well at all. I went to work this morning feeling groggy and blue, thinking, really?  Is this depression coming back? I was doing fine a week ago? 

Turns out I am not the only one who gets affected by the full moon in this manner…I learned through a women’s group I am a part of that some felt similar emotional turmoils and were greatly affected sleep-wise. A woman I know  took a 3 hour nap and felt lighter after taking it. After work today, I felt a great depletion of energy myself and so I decided to take one big nap too. To my surprise, I woke up feeling fresh, happy and as if all my worries had gone. I felt relaxed and inspired to do yoga, meditate in the bath, and write. It feels like a start of something new and this full moon is a reminder to all of us to keep on doing what we love.

Keeping on the same theme, I attended a women’s circle on Saturday night and here’s what it reminded me of:

-dance, move your body! Keep it light!

-my goal for this new moon cycle: do one self-care a day, whether it’d be a simple thing as doing my nails, taking a bath, going for coffee with a friend or putting on a new outfit. 

– we’re all in this together. The circle reminds us that it’s ok to let go and be vulnerable.

-my Goddess card: Peace…yes, great reminder to keep the home, the relationship and the work space in peace and harmony.

-most importantly, it reminded me that it’s important to connect with others and speak my truth! 

Officially feeling relaxed and inspired on this full moon evening. Looking forward to my warm bed and a great night’s sleep.



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