Get inspired by space:

“Nothing captures the strange contradictions of modern spaceflight as well as spacewalking—shoving off into space with only your wits and training, sealed into your one-person spacecraft. An EVA (extravehicular activity) is, for almost all astronauts, the ultimate professional challenge and the ultimate thrill ride. When you’re outside the station, you are literally an independent astronomical body, a tiny moon of Earth, orbiting at 17,500 miles an hour. When you look at Earth between your boots, that first step is more than 1 million feet down.”

Charles Fishman (author)

Other space inspirations:

The Martian (botanist on Mars )

film soundtrack for space flicks (cue Interstellar epic music)

Bryan Versteeg‘s conceptual designs for space living

Inspiration is everywhere my friends!

-Lunch break ends –


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