Offices are toxic. I think people forget that the pannels separating cubicles are not soundproof. We have all thought at some point that what we were whispering to our neighbour wasn’t being heard. 

This is one big fat understatement. 

You know that saying, if walls could talk? Yeah, well… they definitely do! 

When you are confined to a dusty vampire estate (a.k.a no sunlight), people are bound to go crazy and criticize every aspect of their environment. Talk is unavoidable, from loud banter to sneaky whispers, people love to be the center of attention; people love to gossip. Do what I do and put on those headphones and listen to sick jungle beats; I promise you, you will have your head more in the game with the benefit of a big summer festival party in your ears!

What blows me  away is how easily we can let our surroundings affect us. It takes a strong person to not get affected by office drama, injustices, secrets and complacency. You constantly have to remind yourself why you are still here (everyone has their reasons) and what to do to make your work day productive and comfortable. 

One thing that we forget overtime is our lack of empathy, our bitter judgement towards others. We forget about our true selves, what we are like outside of our work environments. I’m personally more closed off at work. But what if we started to see that it’s OK  to be more honest with each other at work rather than go with the dull small talk of, “How was your weekend?” “Oh, good.”?  Isn’t it a bit mindless and automatic? Bring on the genuine, the kindness, the fun! What’s so wrong with connecting with others on a deeper level?  

At work, we also don’t know how to be easy on others. We often don’t know what is going on in our co-workers’ lives. A death in the family? Divorce? A disease they are battling? Insomnia? We just don’t know, therefore, we must remind ourselves that everyone has their own issues to deal with. Being gentle and aware of this is nice. 

Finally, we all think we are so different but we are in fact all the same. Let’s be honest here, we are faced with the same annoyances at work. So let’s just have after-work beers and bond, why don’t we? 


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