queen victoria
Queen Victoria in her white wedding dress

Today I was out shooting 125 Years of Wedding Fashion at the Lougheed House in Calgary, AB. It reminded me of the time I checked out a similar but larger exhibit in London, UK at the Victoria and Albert Museum back in 2014.

What a lot of people do not know is that the colour white only became popular when Queen Victoria chose to wear her wedding dress that way on her special day. It became trendy onwards.

My favourite era for wedding dresses? The 1940’s, of course. Since it was World War II, lavish expensive fabric was scarce and many women opted for shorter styled dresses in different hues ranging from emerald green to red. Interestingly enough, when Google takes me to 1940’s wedding dresses, they are 1940’s inspired present-day wedding gowns, all white and Hollywoodish; nothing really accurate for the everyday woman back then.

I like different. I like the the idea of mixing it up a little. I find it compelling when the bride and groom put their own spin. Suspenders? A red dress? Short dress? Flats for charity instead of the usual heels? Sign me up!

Other things that I like?

These amazing Etsy engagement rings.

They’re not your usual diamond rings! They have personality!

Disclaimer: I do not have wedding fever. I get inspired by everything, including cute engagement rings and fashion history ;)

Featured Image: Credit – Capucinne

Some of my favourites below:

Triangle uniqueness , Trillion Diamond Wedding Set – Artemer
Emerald and Diamond Bridal Set – Artemer
Tanzanite Ring – Capucinne
Emerald Engagement Ring – Capucinne

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