I’ve been thinking a lot about the term “illusion” lately, what it is and how we define it. 

How can we differentiate illusion from reality and is there such a thing as illusion vs reality? I see illusion and reality as being interchangeable. Reality might be an illusion and illusion might be reality. 

There’s a saying that goes, “Don’t buy into the illusion”. But, what if that illusion is actually reality? 

There’s also reality and then there’s YOUR reality.  How do we differentiate those two – or should we?

Part of me sees life as an illusion all to itself anyway and I think that how we feel at a specific moment and time is oftentimes dismissed by the limited view that’s being constructed for you by others as opposed to by you and that little voice inside your head that tells you , hey, this might definitely just be an illusion. But what if it isn’t, and we went with our own reality for once instead?  Can’t there be validity in our own truth? I think there can, we just choose to ignore it and think of the worse instead of savouring that moment. 

Nothing ever stays the same. Savour those moments of bliss while you can.

But then, truth be told, there’s illusions I really don’t buy into: 

-materialism (it won’t make you happier)

-money (it won’t make you “richer”) and

-degrees (they won’t make you smarter). :P

That’s all. Happy Weekend. 


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