It’s funny how you can’t help to feel like your problems are the biggest burden in the world and then you watch some crazy fucked up movie about rape, murder, police stations being blown up, people getting thrown out of windows and all the anger in the world gathered into a smart witty plot and your anger feels justified and you don’t feel as ashamed about your own anger towards injustices in this world, people hurting you psychologically, physically, emotionally and sexually.

You feel less alone in your craziness. You feel like your shit is real and valid.

“Get over it.”

“People have gone through worse shit.”

“Let it go.”

Then why is it that sometimes I can’t breathe at night, or in the middle of the day, I can’t remember what happened yesterday or five minutes ago, I binge on sugar until I puke, and can’t trust the words that come out of anyone’s mouth ?

People’s realities are to be believed. And the process will be long. And it took watching a movie at the theatre alone to feel less alone in my bullshit. The irony.



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