There’s a cat on me.

I think it knows I’m lonely.

I gave myself a black eye

By falling on my face.

I’m laughing.

I’m not dead , just clumsy.

It’s sunny out

James Brown is playing

Last year I got too high

From that dumb volcano.

On New Year’s Eve,

I fell asleep.

A friend of a friend snorted a line

And drove me home.

Drugs are dumb

Booze destroys my spirit.

People are cowards,

They’re afraid to feel.

I might go for a walk

The sun is shining

Part of me wishes the ice at Glenmore

Would break underneath my feet

And take me for a frozen swim.

It’ll cleanse my body

It’ll be like a reset.

The more I write, the more I process

The more I feel free.

I’m going to get off my ass

And make peace with life.

It HAS been a beautiful year.

There is beauty in adversity.

There is beauty in this pain.

You have to find it, I tell myself

And you ought to laugh more.

And you ought to stop dwelling

On the stupid shit from yesterday

Because it’ll ruin the moment

And this moment is quite perfect:

I have a cat on me

It’s hugging me unconditionally

We are listening to Susto.

And there is no music as raw as Susto’s.

There is sun outside

I’m waking up from this nap.

Goodbye 2017,

You shook me hard

But I’m not dead yet .


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