It took me getting a second concussion to slow my mind and body entirely again. I. Just. Can’t . Seem. To. Stop. Unless a brain injury or the likes FORCES me to stop. I never rest my brain, ever. I’m always doing , thinking , moving . I’m a freaking machine trapped in a petite woman’s body.

I’ve been laying around the dimly lit house for the past few days and the perspective I’ve gained on everything in my life is remarkable.

It is like therapy without seeing a therapist . It is a road trip to all your most cherished dreams without leaving the darkness of your own room. It is a reality check with no conversations needed with anyone but yourself.

For three days straight , all I did was sleep, eat and sleep . I slept over 40 hours these past few days .

Stepped into the sunshine today for the first time in what felt like weeks and I felt lucky.

I try not to regret anything in life . I’m a clumsy fuck . I should pay attention more to the little things in life . I forget how fragile we can be and how little it takes for us to forget where we are , who we are and where we want to be.

Life is short . Live it the best way you can . Don’t let go of your dreams . Live them , attain them , don’t lose patience and hope . Have a little faith and keep going .

But first, rest that brain.


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