The grass is always greener. In my case, it always seemed that way. Always wanting to be somewhere where I wasn’t. Always wanting to move away. Always struggling to stay in a relationship.

But the truth is, wherever you are in the world, happiness is an inward journey. I was unable to make this inward journey back home and I am struggling to make that journey in Greece.

It’s a process and I am learning.

I wake up feeling lost. Sometimes I’m able to gain momentum and clarity, other times, not so much.

I am meeting people that have created a shift. Some have made me feel less alone in my chaos. Others have triggered that chaos tremendously.

I’ve learned that growth is painful and uncomfortable.  Sometimes I want to run home and forget about this journey.

This time, I really need to stay. I believe I need to feel this pain to heal.

When I feel alone in this emotional mess, I think of J.K Rowling who was a suicidal single parent before she wrote Harry Potter.

Let’s just say this is my pre-Harry Potter J.K Rowling phase. Good things are to come. ;)


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