I stopped writing a couple months ago out of fear of not being good enough, out of fear of using the wrong words and out of complete lack of motivation and direction.

Frankly, this is where I went wrong. I chose not to push through with my writing. I gave up on expressing myself in my most raw state. I got caught up with the mundane and the irrelevant. I got lost.

It has been almost a year since I left from my home in Canada.One year already ? Really?

The stories I have gathered on paper and in my memory are jumbled like badly written poetry. I wish more order existed in my brain but it’s teenager room-messy in there.

Although I am excited to leave the island in about a month, I am also aware of the many lessons the island has given me.

It also brought me friendship, adventures and most dear to my heart, love.

It’s truly been an “Eat Pray Love” year for me. It’s completely changed me for the best and sometimes for the worst.

I cannot wait to share more.


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