I don’t know about you, but I can get lethargically caught up in the comfort of my bed, watch Netflix (The Crown and Anne with an “E” anyone?)  and feel unmotivated to accomplish anything else for the rest of the day.

To get me going in the morning or after a long period of “non-activity” or rumination, I started implementing these three simple habits that boost my mood instantly: it out 

Yes – dancing! When I feel “stuck” or moody, I put on a dance ‘tune and literally dance like nobody’s watching. In the kitchen, while I’m fixing breakfast, in the shower, while I get dressed…you get the idea. :)  And every time, without fail, I break into a huge smile. Try it sometime. Especially great as a morning ritual!

2. use humour

Yup. I’m someone who looks like I’m about to kill someone when I don’t smile and caught up in a bad mood. I can be so serious that every ounce of good vibe around me can be squashed in seconds. But, with humour, I have found that life can become so much lighter and fun. It turns the what we had originally thought to be the “big problems” into small nothings, especially if you’re able to laugh at yourself , when you trip over your own feet or run into a pole, for example. The trick though is to try and implement humour even in the toughest of situations. What a difference it can make when humour is used more in your day to day adventures!

3. write everything down 

The number one reason I experienced writer’s block is because I use to not let myself write down the shitty stuff. I wanted to only write the “good” memories. In the end, I procrastinated on many writing projects only because I thought not writing the bad memories would help me forget them. What happened was naturally quite the opposite – I started becoming more and more resentful and couldn’t identify what I was truly resentful about.  It turns out that when you write down the hard stuff,  you are able to process feelings like that of anger, sadness and jealousy better,  and release these difficult emotions with more ease and understanding.


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