About Arlo’s Tub

Arlo’s Tub is a collection of stories, poems and ideologies. It is my wandering mind, my itchy feet and my healing soul.

The concept was conceived in the summer of 2011.

A friend and I would make the journey south through the rolling foothills of Alberta to visit our reporter pal in the Crowsnest Pass.

One evening, we stumbled upon an empty fridge in a field. It was sitting on its longer edge. I sat in it for a mere moment. The photo was snapped, and the concept of the “bathtub” as a symbol for the ideas racing through my mind stuck with me.

The comfort of my own bathtub is where I’ve coincidentally felt the most inspired in the past. Water calms, water heals and water has brought a lot of emotions to the surface. And with a lot of emotion comes a lot of breakthroughs. My bathtub became my very own version of Frida Kahlo’s “What The Water Gave Me,” in a way.

As for Arlo? Arlo remains a mystery. It’s a name I developed an affinity for, yet a name with no particular meaning. Arlo’s Tub is meaningless, and yet, holds my most intimate truths. It’s a complexity, such as the mind.

Currently on a career break in Greece, I am perpetually moved by nature’s way of providing the healing that I need.  The smells, sights and sounds have brought me the inspiration I’ve been craving. The above photo is a self-portrait I took on the beach of Vik, Iceland in June 2017.

I tweet @Clairemig and Insta @arlostub.

-Claire (Arlo’s Tub)

**All photos were taken by me unless credited otherwise. Please ask permission to use. Thank you.







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