Calgary Cinematheque’s Annual Focus Series puts spotlight on actress Tilda Swinton

CALGARY — This season, the Calgary Cinematheque has made British actress Tilda Swinton their centre of interest for its Annual Focus Series. Four films featuring Swinton were carefully selected: the British arthouse film The Last of England, directed by the late English director Derek Jarman; I Am Love, the Italian drama by director Luca Guadagnino; the thriller Young Adam by Scottish […]

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Archive: Calgary indie songstress Samantha Savage Smith releases sophomore album

photo courtesy of January 12, 2015 CALGARY — It’s hard not to love local heroine Samantha Savage Smith. Her persona is down-to-earth, she sings sweetly and strums gently, releasing feel-good, gentle indie rock songs that more often than not leave you with chills. When she’s not jamming in her basement or recording an album […]

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CUFF’s Tweet List…

AS THE PALACES BURN: @dargott CALGARY UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL: @CUFF COMPUTER POTATO: @Computer_Potato (short preceding THREE NIGHT STAND) DOOMSDAYS: @EddieMullinsXXX FOR NO GOOD REASON: @FNGRMOVIE FOUND FOOTAGE FESTIVAL: @foundfootage FRANK: @lennyabrahamson JODOROWSKY’S DUNE: @JodorowskysDune SHORTS PACKAGE: PEOPLE ARE STRANGE Three in a Bed: @jfiliatrault, @mandystobo Person to Person: @dustinguydefa SWIM LITTLE FISH SWIM : @LittleFishMovie […]

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Originally posted on BeatRoute Magazine:
DRAWING THE STORIES OF OUR HERITAGE BUILDINGS This article was written prior to the floods to draw attention to this annual celebration of historic sites in the city. It will be the first in a series where we look at these areas and trace their development. This piece has been…

$100 Film Festival Recap

The festival weekend was great, filled with sweet films. Saturday night was particularly amazing! Lots of creative brains out there! In case you missed out, read this piece! It’ll give you a taste for next year!  -C.M.  FEEL THE IMAGE RUN THROUGH YOUR HANDS When I think of film festivals in Calgary, the $100 Film […]

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