And before, what were you? Don’t be a half.

And before…you were? What were you, exactly? Or were you ever? Will you still be, or want to be who you were always meant to be or will you die of indifference, lassitude and complacency?

a being, human, a person, a friend, free, whole, alive, happy, a free-spirit, awake, unique, sexual, an individual, a creator, a lover, a fighter, an explorer, someone who gives a damn, a traveler, in touch, a thinker, a pleasure-seeker, a researcher, a soul-seeker, self-lover, self-aware, a listener, a learner, a motivator, a breather, a mover, a feeler, an adventure-seeker, a shit-disturber.

The life inside you can only be filled by you and only you. There is no such thing as a half. You were always whole, you were never a half and never meant to be a just a half.

Wholes can co-exist, you know. We need not to diminish our wholes to conveniently fit with a half that’s yet to discover their wholeness.

Don’t believe everything you see. Feel what there is to feel. Be who you were meant to be. Don’t doubt the journey. We are where we’re supposed to be. You are who you are. Just be. Be whole. Be happy.