I know that I know nothing

The grass is always greener. In my case, it always seemed that way. Always wanting to be somewhere where I wasn’t. Always wanting to move away. Always struggling to stay in a relationship.

But the truth is, wherever you are in the world, happiness is an inward journey. I was unable to make this inward journey back home and I am struggling to make that journey in Greece.

It’s a process and I am learning.

I wake up feeling lost. Sometimes I’m able to gain momentum and clarity, other times, not so much.

I am meeting people that have created a shift. Some have made me feel less alone in my chaos. Others have triggered that chaos tremendously.

I’ve learned that growth is painful and uncomfortable.  Sometimes I want to run home and forget about this journey.

This time, I really need to stay. I believe I need to feel this pain to heal.

When I feel alone in this emotional mess, I think of J.K Rowling who was a suicidal single parent before she wrote Harry Potter.

Let’s just say this is my pre-Harry Potter J.K Rowling phase. Good things are to come. ;)

Why we are unhappy :)

“We are unhappy because we resist the natural ebb and flow of life. When we find happiness, we cling to it, trying to orchestrate our lives in ways to make it stay forever. When sadness comes, we run away, we escape, looking for ways to avoid pain. The truth is this: Happiness comes and happiness goes, in the same way that sadness comes and sadness goes. Neither is a permanent state of being. When you’re happy, be grateful. Embrace it. When you’re sad, be grateful and embrace that too.”

-Rachel Brathen “Yoga Girl”