I know that I know nothing

The grass is always greener. In my case, it always seemed that way. Always wanting to be somewhere where I wasn’t. Always wanting to move away. Always struggling to stay in a relationship.

But the truth is, wherever you are in the world, happiness is an inward journey. I was unable to make this inward journey back home and I am struggling to make that journey in Greece.

It’s a process and I am learning.

I wake up feeling lost. Sometimes I’m able to gain momentum and clarity, other times, not so much.

I am meeting people that have created a shift. Some have made me feel less alone in my chaos. Others have triggered that chaos tremendously.

I’ve learned that growth is painful and uncomfortable.  Sometimes I want to run home and forget about this journey.

This time, I really need to stay. I believe I need to feel this pain to heal.

When I feel alone in this emotional mess, I think of J.K Rowling who was a suicidal single parent before she wrote Harry Potter.

Let’s just say this is my pre-Harry Potter J.K Rowling phase. Good things are to come. ;)

Traveling note.

Everything seems to make sense and make no sense at all. Traveling seems to put everything into perspective. You start missing people you had never missed before, you appreciate the little things, you want to never come home because you don’t want to face certain realities and at the same time you want to come home because your home will always be your home.

The Happy List

girl happy

I think sometimes we forget to sit down, breathe and remind ourselves of the things that make us happy. We easily get caught up in our heads, with work or with other things that make us feel hopeless, bored, or unhappy. We forget that there’s a simple recipe for NOT feeling down, bitter, tired, and uninspired. That recipe is to simply do things that make us happy. For me, it’s yoga… Yoga is my recipe to happiness. I practice it between 2 to 4 times a week and everytime I do, I feel re-energized, inspired and happy. (Drinking lots of water and mimimizing that chocolate intake would make me feel better too!)

The summer didn’t exactly start with the bang that we expected (a.k.a the Alberta floods), but that doesn’t mean we need to give up on summer altogether. Yes the weather has been annoyingly unpredictable…Just today I walked to an appointment in the warm sunshine and an hour and a half later, it was pouring like no tomorrow. Then it went back to sun. Between the floods, the fires, and the train derailments, it feels like we are living quite the apocalyptic year!

Apocalyptic theories aside, summer is here. Let’s take the time to get to know the things that make us feel good inside.

Here’s my happy list. What’s yours?

  • yoga
  • writing
  • my new comfy bed
  • Elle Canada
  • trying new things
  • feeling free and limitless
  • roads trips!!
  • heart-to-heart conversations
  • planning a trip
  • bookstores!!
  • patio time with friends or with a good book
  • hot weather
  • sun tanning in the backyard
  • volunteering
  • camping by the lake
  • the beach
  • my travel benefits (Tokyo 2013, here I come!)
  • saving for my apartment
  • traveling!
  • going for a massage
  • impromptu night outs with friends
  • doing my nails
  • music festivals
  • a really good movieI could think of a hundred more things that make me happy. Listening to my iPod on my way to work is one of them or enjoying my own company…a couple of hours ago, I was sitting in my yard. I was painting my nails and relaxing to the sound of the wind and watching the beautiful sunset.

    Life’s good. There’s beauty in everything.